February, 2018

BonGousse Bapburger Mongolia 2st store opened (Erdem Tower)

October, 2017

BonGousse Bapburger Mongolia 1st store opened (Nadam Center)

August, 2017

BonGousse Bapburger Taiwan 2nd store opened (Taipei Eslite Spectrum Songyan Branch)

June, 2017

BonGousse Bapburger Taiwan 1st store opened (Fengjia Branch)

April, 2017

Taiwan) Established Fengmiyaxin Co., Ltd

March, 2016

Signed master franchise agreement with Bongousse Bapburger(The Rich Neighborhood. INC,) for Taiwan and Mongolia

March, 2016

Export Agreement and Domestic Distribution Agreement with DONG WON CO., LTD. - Export to Several overseas countries and domestic distribution

Salmon part: strategy distribution in the domestic franchise headquarters

November, 2015

Opened the eighth TOM N TOMS store in Mongolia (RIVER GARDEN))

February, 2015

Opened the fifth TOM N TOMS store in Mongolia (HOME PLAZA)

May, 2014

Bidding and winning of Mongolia government national central heating construction -> materials supply contract and export

May, 2014

Opened the first TOM N TOMS store in Mongolia (GB PLAZA)

January, 2014

Established TOM N TOMS LTD., Mongolia office

January, 2014

Signed a master franchise agreement with TOM N TOMS LTD., for Mongolia

June, 2013

Mongolia branch agreement with DONG SUNG FINETEC CO., LTD.

December, 2012

Large scale factory and dormitory construction project in GOBI desert, Mongolia -> Delivery contracts and export

December, 2012

Export agreement with DONG SUNG FINETEC CO., LTD. (Polyurethane metal panel)-> Export to Mongolia

June, 2012

Established Uzbekistan office

March, 2012

Business agreement with Uzbekistan 'HOJELI BOYAN & MASHIN JAP Inc. - Large scale cultivation of Licorice

2007 ~ 2009

TEXTILE business operated in Uzbekistan (Export to US, Canada, Russia, Turkey etc.)

July, 2006

Cooperation agreement with ROMANSON CO., LTD. (J.ESTINA) to provide Jewelry Pouch

July, 2006

Established HAEMIL