Recognized as the highest quality oriental medicine - Haemil Licorice

Haemil signed a licorice business contract with Uzbekistan 'HOJELI BOYAN사 & MASHIN JAP’ in 2012. Then, it cultivated licorice directly in the large farmland of Uzbekistan.

Already, Haemil licorice is exported to several companies signed a contract with the years in various countries including China and Ukraine. It has been recognized as high-quality medicines. In recognition of the growing directly from the country of Uzbekistan, Beginning in 2016 strengthened the export competitiveness exempt Quota Tax. It equipped with the best competitive market in all respects including price and quality.

Already we received love calls from many companies at home and abroad. For the annual purchase quantity per company, we supplied by advance booking proceeds. According to order, cultivation is also going to continue to increase.


The efficacy of licorice

It is good for detoxification. Also, there are a number of effects of hepatitis, rash, dermatitis, eczema etc. Furthermore, it is showing excellent efficacy for bronchial diseases, asthma, antibacterial, digestive, bowel, dry eye syndrome, gastric ulcers, relieve pain, spasms and chronic gastritis.

The use of licorice

  Slice Products - Medicinal herbs, sweeteners, medicines, tea etc.

  Bath, extract products - Oriental medicine, food, health food, etc.

  Raw products - Cosmetics, shampoo, soap etc.

Licorice direct planting / export and import / distribution / processing factory

  Meet the demand of the market by large-scale cultivation

    -Area: more than 1.5125 million pyeong / more than 500 hectares / over 5,000,000㎡

    -Export competitiveness through Quota Tax exemption because of recognized direct growing since 2016/p>

    -Make preparation the best competitive market in all respects including price and quality

   Domestic and international supply and distribution

    -Passed baseline components test for medicines used in Korea

    -Available to supply companies, pharmaceutical companies, materials companies, wholesalers, supermarkets, oriental medicine dealer, traditional mart etc.

  Plan to build slice processing production plant in 2016