From sea to dining table, convey a healthy tomorrow : Dongwon salmon

Dongwon Industries founded in 1969. The company has growing as leader of Korean deep-sea fishing and the company has leading the development of Korea fisheries industry.

Dongwon had become a global company after acquisition of US Starkist Co. of the world's leading brands of canned tuna in 2008. Also, the company truly reborn as a global company after took over S.CA.SA which is an Africa fisheries company. It laid the foundation to broaden its market to Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Dongwon Industries authorized dealer

  Haemil distribute salmon, which are selected as the 10th World Super Food by time magazine, through a variety of machining.

  Haemil is the exclusive strategy distributor for catering franchise of Dong Won industries salmon part. We distribute and sale to several overseas countries and domestic company.

  We export directly to many countries around the world.