Always warm and enough Bob Burger BonGousse

"Bongousse, means the tasty bites in French, is a new concept rice burger. Bongousse is made to provide enough meal with “tastes and nutrition” as well as “reasonable price” to customer. Bongousse provides healthy and delicious rice burger thorugh differentiated recipe and fresh ingredients."

Babburger is?

Babburger is a rice burger which you eat like making hamburgers. Divide the rice between two parts to put a side dish as burger toppings. Bongousse Babburger is useful and very convenient instead of a meal.

Operate overseas franchise headquarters

  Recently proliferation of wellness culture, Bongousse Babburger has already opened more than 860stores in Korea. In March 2016, Bongousse Babburger has signed a contract for the Area Master Franchisee with HAEMIL for two countries (Taiwan, Mongolia).

  Bongousse Babburger provides delicious taste and quality service as well as stable sales and higher profit from small investment. Therefore, we have gotten a lot of inquiries from many of existing and preliminary franchise owner. Haemil, international franchise headquarters, is currently recruiting franchisees in Taiwan and Mongolia. Due to the rush of franchising contact, we protect sales area for early franchisee.

  BonGousse Bapburger Taiwan 1st store Taichung Fengjia- June, 2017 opened

  BonGousse Bapburger Taiwan 2st store Taipei Chungpin Departmentstore- August , 2017 opened

  BonGousse Bapburger Mongolia 1st store at Nadam Center- October, 2017 opened

  BonGousse Bapburger Mongolia 2st store at Erdem Tower- February, 2018 opened

BonGousse Bapburger Mongolia 2st store opened in Ulaanbaatar Erdem Tower


BonGousse Bapburger Mongolia 1st store opened in Ulaanbaatar Nadam Center


BonGousse Bapburger Taiwan 2nd store opened in Taipei Chungpin Departmentstore


BonGousse Bapburger Taiwan 1st store opened in Taichung Fengjia


Four steps to open franchise


We provides systematic and professional education, brand marketing efforts and ongoing management for reliable store operations from opening until after the open for who want to open Bongousse Babburger in Taiwan and Mongolia. So, it brings great satisfaction to franchisee.

We develop and offer a menu tailored to local tastes for each countries through R&D team. Also, we provide ongoing operational management and guidance through the supervisor of overseas franchise headquarters.


Good visibility of warm concept Bongousse store

 Shop interior of warm concept which expressing joy

 Grab the feet of guests

  • Rm#406, 142, Hancheon-ro
    Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea. 02529